Procedures for Resistance Spot Welding:

Welding is the method of joining two or more metal objects together using a mixture of heat and electrical energy. Resistance welding uses the thermal properties of metals to combine them jointly. Spot welding concentrates on exact points to weld instead of connecting whole metal objects. Spot welding can too be used to do repairs on before welded things.

Know Your Metals:

Every metal has a different point at which its thermal conductivity becomes its melting point. Melting points are determined by the quantity of electrical energy and the sum of time the power is applied. Every metal (iron, zinc, aluminum, copper, etc.) has a dissimilar melting point, so it is better to decide how much electrical energy needs to be applied beforehand to apply a smooth spot weld successfully.

Pressure and Electrodes:

The majority resistance welding is based on the quantity of pressure applied to an electrode or tong, normally made of copper. When using resistance or spot welding, the key is not to depend on the electrodes of the welder to hold the parts jointly. Resistance spot welding is not meant to imitate a clamp but rather to reinforce an existing link between two metals. The quantity of pressure you apply to the electrode through the weld will decide the thickness of the spot or strength of the fusion so know ahead of time what end result you are looking for.


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