Prioritizing your FIRST project list. Project 1

Nobody likes being told what to do. So, I am going to gently suggest a few beginning projects you need to consider first before you get too far ahead of yourself. If you’ve just bought your first welder, whether it’s a MIG, TIG or Stick welder (or some combination thereof), you need to have some where to put it where it will be serviceable, and portable around your work area. This is simply a welding cart.

Of course, we sell welding carts. They are a decent value for what you pay, but admittedly there is room for improvement.  Many people make their own.  But whether you purchase or build your own, you need to make this priority number one. You can’t just put the welder on the floor. If you already have a table, don’t think about just setting the welder next to you while you are welding because this is the worst place you could put it. The wind from the fan can cause contamination problems in the weld. And, you can also damage the welder by accidentally arcing something to it or by sending flying sparks into the welder.

An acceptable place to put the welder is below the table on a shelf, but then even that placement has its trouble points. The level the welder is at on the cart should feel natural. You should be able to reach the controls and see them without having to alter your natural seated position too much. A portable welding cart solves these problems.  A more than decent welding cart can be made for less than 200.00 of materials. Taking this into account, it should be part of your budget at the time of the welder purchase. It just doesn’t make sense to scrape by and put the welder on the floor.