A Preface to welding

What is welding? It is a process of joining the metals. Many sculptures, automobile parts and aircraft parts are manufactured using the process of welding. The process of welding started during 310 ad itself. The welding is done using the welding power supply and an electric arc is created which is used to weld the metals. Welding can be done in five types according to particular shapes such as butt joint, v-joint, double joint and square joint etc. The first welding process introduced was forge welding and later on many welding processes were introduced to weld different types of metals. The welding products use welding products such as spot welders submerged arc etc and uses consumables, guns and torches for the process of welding. Constant current and constant voltages are the two power supplies used. Metals, Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and alloys are also welded using the welding process. The welding region is protected from contamination by inert gases, and there are many welding process which produces high- speed welding with perfect joints.