Points about Stud Welding:

What are Weld Studs?
Stud welding systems use weld studs as a division of this well-organized application. These studs are between 14 gauges to 3/8" diameter, can variety from 1/4" to 5" or more in length, and are discharged from capacitors. The instructions on the weld end of the stud contain two purposes:

1).Timing: The tips act as a timing machine that keeps the studs off of the base material that is being welded.

2).Disintegration: Weld end tips disintegrate once the trigger is pulled on the welding gun, melting and solidifying the weld onto the base material.

What are Arc Studs?
Arc studs are generally loaded with an aluminum flux ball on the weld end, which helps to promote the welding process. These sole studs are an essential part of stud welding gear, and they can variety from #8 up to a 1 1/4" diameter stud.