Plasma Cutters Safety Guide:

1. Never work a plasma cutter in wet surroundings. You have to know that the plasma cutter uses power to start and stay running. Its electrical circuit lies between the torch and the surface being cut. Something that comes in contact with the object being cut becomes a part of that electrical circuit include water. Since water conducts power just like some metals do. So use a plasma cutter in dry environments only.

2. Don’t recover cut pieces of metal while you are cutting. Don’t take away work pieces while the grand cable is attached. And don’t take away a ground clamp as cutting. Doing so places you at high danger for electrocution. For this extremely reason, insulated boots and gloves are necessary equipment in any serious place of business.

3. Make sure the ground wire is well secured onto the part that is being cut (NOT the part that will fall off). Arcing near the earth clamp is a sign that the clamp is spoiled, dangerous, and wants replacing. Failing to build a secure and protected connection is a sure fire way to knowledge electrical shock. The earth clamp has to forever remain protected prior to releasing a plasma cutters trigger.

4. Do not use a plasma cutter with no appropriate eye protection. Eye defense is not simply for shielding flying debris. It is also for shielding against on fire. Plasma cutters create highly strong ultraviolet and infrared waves that can burn the retina, cause cataracts, and injure the skin even if appropriate safety measures are not in use.

5. Maintain your plasma cutter away from flammable resources. Do not store or use your cutter close to gasoline or other flammable solutions.

6. If you use a high duty plasma cutter – that is, one with an extreme sound level, wear ear guard as well.

7. Use a plasma cutter in a fine ventilated area. Plasma cutters melt metal and the gases released are toxic.


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