A new partnership

A relatively new development, Everlast is proud to announce that we have become an OEM supplier of C-K torches so our customers will have a better selection of quality torches and accessories at their disposal directly through us.

C-K has a rich tradition of providing top notch quality and service. We believe that this will help extend our product line and improve the versatility of our units and will continue to build our reputation as a major force in the welding industry. We’ll be able to provide a better selection for the customer to choose from, while offering excellent prices on the C-K product. We’ll have one of the best torch selections of any manufacturer.

While we are getting up to speed with the new product line, we encourage you to give us a call about any product you are interested in. While in the process, our cooperation with C-K we’ll be developing special, ready to go packages for customers so the torches are 100% compatible for the units right away.  This venture combined with our existing offering of US made foot pedals from SSC industries for our units as an optional feature will allow our customers to enjoy a more complete and enriching experience with Everlast.

If you have any questions, or requests about the new developments, feel free to call us at ext 201 or 204 for further information.   We’ll be glad to hear from you and look forward to seeing how else we can add to our line to service our customers.


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