New Multi Process Welder. The PowerPro 164Si

Midyear Everlast Product Releases. New Power Pro 164Si.

The PowerPro 164 was and is the well liked and reliable baby of the Power Pro family. It too has been brought into line with the rest of the Power Pro products by offering a new and refreshed look and features. The Power Pro 164 was noted and loved for its simplicity and basic utility. Offering AC/DC TIG, Stick and Plasma in a small, dual-voltage unit, there was little to improve about the unit, or so we thought. Taking stock of what Everlast could offer over the previous model, we did find at least a little to improve in the Power Pro 164Si. We found a common but not seriously off-putting complaint about the 164 was that the Air pressure gauge was installed in the rear, along with the filter/regulator. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but we found that most customers liked the front panel placement of the Power Pro 256S and 205S of the pressure gauge. So, we went with our customer’s input and moved it to the front for this new model. The Power Pro 164 also receives the Digital control similar to its more powerful siblings. This again, helps improve reliability and simplifies the unit internally. Another item on the customer wish list for this little power house was that it too have pulse capability like the 205S and 256S. Keeping in mind the overall goal of simplicity and basic performance, we did not want to complicate the beautiful simplicity of the machine that was so well liked. So, we went with a simple pulse control option. This new unit now features capability to use a pre-set pulse of 1 Hz or 25Hz. This will allow the perfect combination of capability and simplicity. Of course, the unit can be used in TIG mode with the pulse set to of as wellf. Once again, the control panel has been logically laid out and setup so that it makes more sense and improves the learning curve. Customers that were on the fence about this machine before now should find plenty to give them the push they needed convince them to buy this excellent little machine.

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