Milti Process Tig, Stick & Plasma PowerPro 164 - What’s new for 2014 part 10

The PowerPro 164 Milti Process Tig, Stick & Plasma 

As another late season introduction, many may have missed one of the best new additions to the Everlast multi-process TIG/Stick/Plasma line: the inverter based PowerPro 164.  This new unit is a basic AC/DC TIG stick and plasma cutter unit that gives you everything you need to weld or plasma cut without a lot of confusing controls to hinder proper operation.   It does feature a simple pulse with a 2 preset features with a high and low setting.   It still features the adjustable AC frequency and balance control that is standard in all our AC TIG welding capable units.   TIG maximum output is at 160 amps, stick is at 130 and plasma maximum output is a 40 amps.  While this may not seem to be as impressive as some other units in our lineup, it’s specifically designed for the person that goes off road or visits the track and needs spot repairs or the person needing to do some light basic fabrication from time to time.   The 160 amp TIG output will give most hobbyists all they need in the way of power to weld most small projects and the 40 amp plasma is competent enough to cut through ½” plate without much of a struggle.   Although the stick output may seem  a little light, it’s still enough to handle most 1/8” electrodes fairly well.  One additional feature that underscores the units intended use is the dual voltage capability of the unit.  You can operate this unit anywhere 120V or 240V single phase power is present. Now that puts the unit  neatly in a class all by itself.   


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