MIG Welding...Which welding process should I try first? MIG welding part 1

MIG Welding

MIG WeldingMig Welding, which welder should you try first? Although no one that I know of with considerable wisdom and experience in welding would recommend a MIG welding as a starter welder, that does not counter the fact that this is commonly the first welding machine that many people eager to learn welding will go out and purchase.  While MIG welding is not a bad process, it may not be the best  process to begin with  as it will usually  handicap skill development, and reduce concentration.  However, with that said, it is a valid process, and many people do find learning to weld with MIG satisfies their welding needs and goals.   There are a sound few reasons any as to why.   MIG is very simple to master.  It requires little or no welding knowledge or skill to begin the learning to weld with MIG .  Simply get the settings close, and hold the gun steady close to the metal and squeeze the trigger.   It’s a fast and easy process.  MIG welders have a certain cool factor to them, and the feel of the MIG gun singing away.  For some, this may be what is needed to get basic skills.   Manipulation skills are minimal as the gun if properly adjusted needs no weaving or special movement to create a solid weld.   Just keep it moving forward, and most everything is done automatically.  The automatically controlled wire feeds rather fast  and lays down huge amounts of welds in a short amount  of time, accomplishing small and large welding tasks very quickly.  No muscle memory or tedious practice is required generally to get decent results.  And for some this may be all they are looking for and makes a good choice for a beginner. 

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