Keeping Your Welder Dry

IP21S. That may seem like a meaningless word or designation, but for us at Everlast, that denotes the level of protection the units have against water “ingress”. The units are certified for operation where occasional light dripping water is possible. This is not a recommendation to operate in these conditions, but rather a protection standard set forth to standardize a minimum level of safety to the operator protection. Of course, any operation in wet or damp environments intentionally is strongly discouraged.   Damage to the machine can still occur, and when water is present while welding, Electrocution is always a real threat. Anytime the welder has been exposed to moisture though they open up a hazard, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly dry the unit in case any water or moisture has found its way inside the housing.  This involves unplugging the unit, waiting 15 minutes for the capacitors to discharge, opening the unit up and blowing out any excess water or moisture in a timely manner.  Left over water can create internal component corrosion and seep between connections and create an area of corrosion. Water can also pool in the bottom and the fan can whip the water up on the boards and short out during the next operation cycle.  If any operation is required where the potential of water or damp exposure might exist, the welder should be turned on or off with a dry gloved hand.  Also the welder should not be placed on the ground or on any damp conductive surface.   Although the work should be grounded, along with the welder wiring, the best idea is to shelter the unit with plenty of open space on the sides for cooling.  Even though the level of protection is listed, it doesn’t guarantee complete safety because any number of circumstances can drive water into the welder.  In other words, if you think the welder may get wet, try to avoid it.



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