Inverter Welders, How Our Multi-Process MTS Welder Stacks Up

The inverter welder revolution part 4: Comparison of the Everlast Multi-Process MTS series versus similar units in the industry

The interver welder Power MTS line for 2015 has received several significant upgrades midyear with the introduction of the Power MTS 211si and the Power MTS 251si. Both of these welders offer several fresh features that are over and above what you will find in the competition. So, how does Everlast Power MTS units compare to other units in its class? First, let’s take a look at the accessories. Everlast always gives you everything you need to weld any process except gas, filler metal and tungsten. In comparison the standard models of the Lincoln 210MP, TWECO Fabricator 211i, TWECO fabricator 251i and even the Miller Multimatic 200, you will basically receive the unit, and a MIG torch, with stick electrode holder and work clamp with the cable thrown in. If you want to TIG, these companies will sell TIG “kits” for quite a larger sum of money. In contrast, The Everlast Power MTS units include the TIG torch, foot pedal and a limited amount of starter consumables (minus the tungsten of course) so that you can utilize any process you wish, instead of being stuck with the MIG option only. Although the Fabricator and the Lincoln MP welder units are closer to the Everlast MTS in cost, a simple TIG kit will add significantly to the final purchase cost, outdistancing the purchase price of the Everlast MTS quite by a quite hefty sum. For comparison, the MTS units from Everlast include a gas fitting for the torch and automatic, programmable gas flow control. In contrast the other brands typically require a manually controlled gas valve to weld TIG and a complicated route of connections for the TIG package even as in the Lincoln MP example, having to make the attachment of the cable connectors under the cover of the machine. Everlast uses standard DINSE connectors for both lead and work clamp connections and a quick connect gas fitting for the torch with gas flow controlled automatically via a built-in solenoid valve.

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