Inverter Welder Revolution - Part 8

The inverter welder revolution part 8

Definitely it’s clear that compact inverter MIG welders are the hottest new thing in the welding industry by the addition of all the new products hitting the market at the same time. People have found favor with the compact MIG, TIG, Stick multi process inverters that have been hitting the market in the U.S. and Canada since 2009. This has helped all welder manufacturers to broaden their thinking about the future fate of all of their welding line. Recently with the new Lincoln 210 MP (really an MTS, but it is billed as a MIG) and the new compact Millermatic MIG inverters appearing on the market, demand has outstripped supply in many areas. Everlast can honestly say to our competitors, “Welcome to the market” since we’ve been putting out compact inverter MIG welders in the U.S. market for over 10 years now. To up our game as well, we’ve introduced not only the new MTS line, but also a new line of our Power i-MIGs which not only offer new features and a new look, but also offer digital control with a simple analog appearance. The Power i-MIG 200 is straight forward, but a powerful unit that has recently been updated. We’ve posted information about this unit before, but it is worth stating that the newest digital generation is significantly upgraded and more powerful than its previous analog version. The new digital Power i-MIG 205 was  similarly updated as well, with additional useful features for body shops and fabricators such as spot and stitch timers. Plus it has been updated with a smaller, sleeker package. And though Miller has recently announced the arrival of their Millermatic inverter MIGs to the US market, they cannot compare as both of the small digitally controlled i-MIGs are competent stick welders as well! And both come with the stick electrode holder and cable in addition to the ergonomic series 15 and 25 MIG guns that are standard with the welders. The compact size and performance of these Power i-MIG welders are definitely turning people’s heads and doing their part to pave the way to open acceptance of compact MIG inverters in the welding market.

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