An insight into spot welding

Spot welding is a great form of resistance welding, which is a technique of welding two or more metal sheets jointly without by means of any filler material by pertaining pressure and heat to the area to be welded.

Spot welding is one such technique that is usually used to bond metals shaped into sheets that is not thicker than 3 millimeters. Just like any other welding technique even spot welding can produce clear-cut bonds without making excessive heating that can have an effect on the properties of the leftover sheets. This is pulled off by setting free a huge amount of energy in a short time in order to produce restricted and consistent welds. When it comes to galvanized steel then higher levels of current is required.


A soldagem a ponto é uma técnica útil apenas para unir esses metais em formas com espessura de apenas três milímetros. Você pode descubra isso a fonte onde obtive ajuda em problemas. Mas o mais vantajoso ao usar essa técnica é que ela pode fazer ligações claras sem causar aquecimentos excessivos.

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