An insight into plasma cutting

Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) is a thermal substance removal process which is mainly used for cutting thick sections of electrically conductive materials. In simple it can be termed as a superheated, electrically ionized gas. PAC uses a high velocity jet of plasma (Temperatures range from 10,000 to 14,000 oC) to cut through the metal by melting it. The system components are Torch, Power Supply and Arc Starting Circ. It is used in pipe industries and industries for shape cutting. The heat affecting zone for the machines will be from 0.75-5 mm. The gas pressure should be regulated (approx.1-1.4 MPa). It is necessary to maintain constant distance between torch and the work piece. It is mandatory for the operator to wear a goggle and gloves for his safety. Proper training for operators should be provided. Its advantage is that it can cut any metal and trouble-free automation facility.

Plasma cutters are truly versatile and comprehensive in terms of their functionality. They have been one among the greatest inventions pertaining to the welding industry as it has revolutionized the art of welding to a greater degree. It has allowed us to create far more sturdy and comprehensive welding joints that have improved the quality of the end products to immeasurable levels. It is highly imperative on your part to dedicate quality time while shopping for these cutters. See to that you place a special emphasis upon quality of these cutters as you are bound to be using them more often in your factory. And see to that you thoroughly understand its operational features and other maintenance aspects in order to utilize it efficiently and effectively for several years to come. The process involves cutting sturdy equipments or materials such as steel and other metals with the help of a plasma torch which operates at high temperatures. Hence see to that you also safeguard yourself appropriately while performing plasma cutting. Injuries could be quite devastating.