Imperative 7 welding safety tips that ought to be followed

The below mentioned welding safety tips are highly mandatory and should never be neglected while performing any welding activity for that matter. Welding is one among the simplest concepts theoretically speaking and yet it is also one among the most dangerous activities one could ever pursue. There are only 10 major mistakes you could ever make that could turn out to be quite fatal. And yet welders treat these as mere instructions manual and don’t give too much about it unless there is a real problem. Such shouldn’t be the attitude at any cost. The problem could prove to be quite fatal and even life threatening. You might not be around to correct the mistake only.

  1. Oxygen and Acetylene cylinders serve to be very useful while welding and there is no doubt about that. But a little leak of gas is more than enough to cause an explosion killing you instantaneously. So be careful while transporting them.
  2. High pressure cylinders need protective caps. Without such caps, when the cylinder falls, its knocks the valve and boom, you only have fraction of seconds to live.
  3. See to that you are clean and does not carry any flammable substance in your pockets before welding. A cigarette lighter is more than enough to cause an explosion while welding if you forget its presence.
  4. Making use of MIG welder or TIG welder inside a tank. Both use Argon shielding gas and argon as a gas is heavier than air. It can fill the tank quite easily and without sufficient ventilation, you won’t have oxygen subsequently leading to your own death.
  5. Never weld with water around. Water supports low voltage and high amperage levels which can cause instantaneous shock and death consequently.
  6. Welding is a skill which ought to be practiced with at most caution. Be careful with flammable items around you while welding. Be watchful of flammable products around you at all times.
  7. Welding a tank that carried flammable products in the recent past. You have to be highly careful in such situations. Special precautions ought to be undertaken.