Gouging And Scarfing

Gouging may be a term you apply to your local welding distributor, but it is also a type of cutting process used in the welding industry to remove large amounts of undesirable metal. Gouging may be performed with either an oxy fuel torch, air carbon arc torch or a plasma cutter. This process uses a flame or arc that is less intense than the one used for cutting. It is generally broader and less defined. It is also held at an angle to the metal. Usually in terms of gouging, it refers to removing weld material that has defects or where a weld may need to be completely but gently washed out down to the original metal. Special tips for both the oxy fuel and the plasma process are generally required, though light gouging may be done with the standard tips. Scarfing is often referred to in the same vein as gouging and the term can be used somewhat interchangeably. Air carbon arc is generally considered to be the preferred method because it leaves little slag and is very precise. However, it requires special torches to attach to a DC output welder, along with a generous air supply. It’s loud as well. For the average person, an oxyfuel torch will be the best and cheapest option, since most welders already have a an oxyfuel torch hanging around. The only thing required will be the purchase of the gouging tip, and good supply of fuel and oxygen.