A Good Hammer - Welding Shop Equipment Part3

The old adage "get a bigger hammer", is not always important in welding. Sometimes a little hammer and a little finesse can achieve a better result than a big hunk of a hammer alone. There are several hammers used in the welding business, including traditional peen hammers, sledge, and even body working hammers. I have found that having a good selection of different weight Ball and Cross Peen hammers from 16-32 ounces with at least one 3 pound mini sledge is the bare minimum that you'll need. Nevery attempt to use a claw hammer to pound metal. Flying pieces of metal from the impact of a claw type hammer which is not designed for this type use can do a lot of damage to exposed skin and eyes. Ball Peen hammers, are the way to go for this. One helpful hammer in my toolbox I use is a brass hammer. I use this more often than not, to prevent damage to the surface of the object I am trying to weld. It is also is recommended for use with chisels and punches. Depending upon the metal and application, a brass hammer may still cause some marking on the face of the metal. That’s when a good rubber or dead blow mallet comes in handy. The good news about needing several hammers is that often they can be bought inexpensively at hardware stores in sets. Make sure of their quality however, because they are some that will shatter the head as soon as you strike your first blows.