Getting used to the PowerArc 200ST

One of the most popular inverter stick welders in the US and Canada is the Everlast PowerARC 200ST.  This unit is an excellent performer for using with either Stick or Lift start TIG. 

This unit is perfect for the worksite or the home garage and offers great DC stick and DC TIG capability.  From the beginning, you’ll notice differences in this welder from other welders, specifically transformer based welders.  The action of arc force and hot start combined will surprise most who have not had the experience of these features before.  You may need to retrain your starting technique and your rod technique.  When operating the PowerArc 200ST, you’ll  notice that when you push into the puddle, the arc will increase in intensity.  This is due to the arc force control.  When you decrease arc length with a regular transformer welder, the voltage begins to go down.  Once the arc voltage falls below 20 Volts or so you may experience some amount of rod sticking.

The inverter PowerARC 200ST is designed to prevent that by boosting amps to maintain total welding wattage.  This keeps the rod from going out and sticking while welding a tight arc.  If you are able to observe the display, you will see the amps climb on the display as the arc is purposefully shortened.  This may confuse some who are expecting to weld at a steady amperage, and try to create a longer arc to increase heat to prevent sticking.  You’ll also notice that the hot start sends a surge of amps at the beginning of the weld.  This is to help prevent porosity and sticking as well when the arc is struck.  This boost is only temporary though and will return to normal once the cycle has timed out.

This will last only a moment, but may startle some as the arc intensity is strong at the beginning.