Getting ready to weld

A lot of customers call us asking us what he or she needs to get started when the welding unit arrives.  While we don’t have a crystal ball to know exactly what every customer is going to need in the way of welding supplies, or welding related equipment, we do know what you will generally need when you receive one of our Everlast welders.

If you are considering purchasing one of our Everlast welders, you will need to assess your wiring that you have available for your welder. You need to make sure you have a 240V circuit, and have room in your panel box to add one if you do not.  Also you should examine the specs for the inrush (max) current and install a breaker that meets the current demand.  This breaker installation should be done professionally so that the proper wire and breaker size is selected.   We do not recommend that this be done by an unlicensed professional.  This is an expense consideration if you do not already have a dedicated circuit.  Do not attempt to use a dryer plug, especially if it is wired for a 4 wire connection.  Welders use only three wires. Currently you will also need to install a plug on the welder.  The Everlast welders do not include the plug.  Consult with your electrician for the best plug application. We generally recommend the NEMA 6-50. Furthermore, if you are going to purchase a MIG or TIG, you need to make sure you have the proper gas ready by the time you receive your welder, so you can test the welding unit.

For Plasma, with our 30 day satisfaction warranty, it is important that you fully test and experience your unit.  If you are not ready to use the welding unit until later the 30 day shipping window will close and you will be responsible for any shipping expenses if a problem should arise.  If you are welding with TIG, a starter kit of consumables will come with the unit, but you will need to purchase tungsten. Thoriated or Lanthanated is recommended.  For MIG, of course, you will need to purchase your wire in advance so that you can weld with it.

For those buying a plasma cutter, a separate air drying system along with an adequate sized air compressor should be in place so the unit can be tested and used immediately.  If you are considering a small pancake compressor, don’t.  These are too small even for our smallest plasma cutter.  The water trap that we supply with our plasma cutter isn’t designed to remove moisture from the air, only slugs of uncontrolled water.

Consider all of the possible needs that you may have and get prepared.  Shipment time can take up to a week, so you have time to prepare.  Line up material to weld on before you get Everlast welders.  It may seem like a small thing, but most people tend to have a limited amount of material to weld or cut on when they receive it.


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