Getting the most out of your Everlast Service center

If you are like anyone else, you want to have a good warranty for anything you buy, particularly if it is more costly than a twenty dollar bill. Everlast (USA) does provide a 5 year parts and labor warranty with all its IGBT based inverter welder and plasma cutter products. We currently have two service centers and are investigating adding more. But we are committed to helping our customers should any problem arise with the welder. But there are a few things we want customers to know in order to help expedite correcting any service issue that has arisen. The first, is to contact Everlast tech support at 877 755 9353 as soon as the problem has occurred. This will establish a warranty trail. Also, be prepared to go through elementary diagnosis procedures over the phone if anything happens. This will help rule out any possible issue that is user or environmentally caused. Also have basic tools at hand, including screwdrivers and a basic electric test meter. This will improve your chances of not having to ship it back for service. Some things can be fixed over the phone if the customer is willing to check a few things for himself before shipping it back. Sometimes units cannot be repaired over the phone, but every step we go through helps define the issue so if it does have to have it shipped back for repair, at least tech support will know where to begin, reducing diagnosis time. Also if a unit does fail and needs to be sent in, all warranty work must include an RMA number which is issued by tech support itself, or by the home office (only if the unit is less than 30 days old). Be sure to download the RMA form from the Everlast website and completely fill it out before sending the unit back, or your unit may be delayed indefinitely due to not knowing the issue or which customer it came from. Any unit sent back, not accompanied by an RMA number and form may be subject to a repair charge. When shipping back, be sure to use original boxes if possible. Also make sure it has adequate packing material. Any unit shipped without packing is likely to be destroyed by the shipper.