Generator Plus Welder or Engine Drive Welder/Generator Part 6

Part 6 of Generator Plus Welder or Engine Drive Welder/Generator, what shoud you use?


Are guys with these smaller generator + Welder setups staying busy?  The answer to that is going to depend upon the local market.  But from talking with customers, who buy our Everlast welding product, it seems so.   One of the biggest things that seems to be fueling their business is the little jobs, the ones that the “Big Rig” welders don’t want to spend time on because they cannot afford to.  They bypass the small jobs as it takes so much setup time and close out time once they get to the job, the cost of the job exceeds what the job is worth to their customer or they are too busy to worry with the small “cash flow” jobs preferring to stay in one place for a while.  Guys with smaller portable operations can afford to bat “cleanup” where these jobs are left undone.  Customers are glad to have it done and in areas where the market supports this, it keeps these smaller guys busy.  Cash flow is great.  They can set small standard minimum fees rather than an hourly rate even if it is higher than the actual time it took to complete the job. And many customers feel better treated than working with an unknown final charge.  A minimum fee helps to make sure gas and travel expenses are always covered and a small profit can be made at the same time.  Although some people will eventually as budgets and business grows may step up to a full welder generator and go with larger inverters or add on accessories, many of these smaller guys will not as they have found that a separate inverter welder and generator works for them quite well.  It is easier to add to a fleet and grow a business as well.  For the forseeable future, I expect this trend will continue.  However, as welding manufacturers catch on, don’t be surprised to find some innovative Welder generators in the future that can do it all with less fuel, weight and cost.


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