Generator Plus Welder or Engine Drive Welder/Generator Part 4

Part 4: Should you choose a generator plus welder or engine drive welder/generator?

Many of the innovative thinkers that really wanted to start their own welding business  never looked back.  A generator and inverter welder combination is a cheaper, lighter alternative and requires far less overhead and maintenance.  Both generator and inverter welder could provide compact service anywhere.  These generators were far more efficient and in many cases way more quiet so welding in small neighborhoods or urban areas did not create a stir with the customer’s neighbors. This allowed them to not only get started in the portable repair business, but to be able to operate light on their feet and bring in reasonable fees for far less investment.   In a way the major welding manufacturers had no choice BUT to offer inverter welders due to foreign and domestic competition beating them at their own game and making them look outdated and rear ward looking.   They were also forced, once the egg had been cracked, to further develop their generators so that power generation would be adequate to work with the inverter welders and brand loyal customers would not go looking elsewhere.  But now that brand loyalty has diminished somewhat in the market, thanks to stiff competition, they cannot keep customers from looking for better solutions to heavy engine driven welder/generators that require large fuel hungry trucks to haul them around.  Of course, engine driven welder/generators aren’t going to fade away, but newer, lighter and better performing units may be on the way in the form of inverter powered generators with the ability to stick, mig and tig all rolled into one package. Once this happens the market may swing back, but for now the separate inverter welder and generator trend seems to keep growing.

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