Generator Plus Welder or Engine Drive Welder/Generator Part 3

This has been a hot topic for welders; Do I use a generator plus a welder or engine drive welder & generator? 

The introduction of both more powerful and efficient welder generators and inverters has slowly caused a shrinkage in the market for Add on HF TIG boxes and wire feed machines as people began to see that the inverter welders actually cost less than the Add-on wire feeders and TIG boxes.  And they were less trouble and could work in both the shop and in the field with satisfactory power generating capabilities.  In fact they were way more convenient and offered far more performance.   All that was needed was an extension plug and the welder could be up and running in a matter of minutes.   In fact several of the larger manufacturers all but quit producing HF boxes and began pushing their inverters as satisfactory and far more convenient alternatives to the old way of doing things.   Once people caught on that these were money saving and effective alternatives, people began thinking outside the box.  New, clean power generators hit the market that were affordable, costing less than (in some cases) 1/3 of the cost of a generator welder.   These inverters in many cases were multi function capable as well.  Any decent AC/DC Inverter TIG could easily stick weld too.   And items like the Thermal ARC Fabricators and Everlast MTS units were able to MIG, TIG and stick weld all in one package.  The availability of cheap and reliable generating sets made the people willing to think outside of the box willing to forgo the traditional engine driven welding machine, and just purchase a generator and one or two well-priced inverters.   

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