Finding Filler Metals, Gas & Consumables Part 3

Finding the best source on filler metals, gas and consumables part 3

Online buying is tempting but one thing that it just can’t deliver is welding gas. Whether it be for MIG welding, TIG welding, or even Oxy acetylene, you cannot ship these items in a pressurized container. It’s just simply not an option. It is not legal nor safe considering all the potential issues. Really, the only option is to buy from a brick and mortar dealer. Local welding distributors can and do vary widely on cylinder policies and prices even within a local area, so it is best to first call around to get quotes on gas. Once you narrow down the best prices and figure out who seems to offer the best services in your area, go and visit each store. Shop around inside the store and see if the staff is friendly, the prices are reasonable on filler metal and consumables. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions and introduce yourself. Plan on spending a few bucks in each store just so that the employees view you as a real customer. Narrow your list to the top two and revisit a couple more times and make a few more small purchases. By then you’ll have figured out who gives you the best consideration and treatment. If at all possible seek to build a relationship with the store. This may require you making a number of visits. Be sure to keep making small purchases of items like welding gloves, safety glasses, marking chalk or whatever you think you will need to get started welding. Building a relationship will not only help ensure you will enjoy the buying experience, but it will also give you an overall feeling of what they carry and where their pricing is compared to the competition.

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