Finding Filler Metals, Gas and Consumables

Finding the best source on filler metals, gas and consumables part 1

If you are interested in welding and are looking to purchase a welder but  haven’t quite yet pursued your dream of becoming a welder, (or even if you have) you should understand that this can not only be an addictive activity, it can be an expensive one. Selecting the correct welder is a difficult task and part of the thought process should incorporate some time spent in determining how expensive gas, consumables and filler metals will be and your financial capacity to pay for them. Along this line of though, some amount of time should be given to deciding about the place you will be buying them. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already discovered the internet has a wealth of online suppliers that have their existence solely based in the E-world. Some have both brick and mortar locations with a simple website directing you to go to their physical store and some keep both brick and mortar location along with an extensive online store that can serve as your point of purchase. All three forms are valid sources, but you should be aware that there can be vast differences in the prices of online purchases and physical retail dealers of welding equipment. With that said, however, price isn’t everything. Online suppliers, while offering lower prices are often out of stock on fast moving goods or offer supplies from an unknown manufacturer of unknown or suspect quality. They can be either quick to deliver or take painfully long to produce the product that you have purchased, even a month or two to make good on the online purchase. Retail brick and mortar welding suppliers often build  their reputation on being able to supply quality, and a continuous supply of product.

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