Eye Protection in Welding:

1). Spectacles, helmets, hand shields, or additional suitable eye guard having the good lens shade for the work being completed shall be damaged through all welding or cutting operations.

2). Spectacles, helmets, and hand shields shall be checked regularly. Equipment with light leaks shall not be damaged, as radiation burns will result. Cracked, broken, or loose filter plates have to be replaced without delay.

3). Protective decorated flash spectacles with side shields shall be damaged below a hood for defense against damaging rays, flying chips, and sparks when an arc is struck ahead of time previous to the helmet is lowered. The lenses shall be No. 1 or No. 3 shadow. Inert gas metal-arc welding by close welders requires spectacles below the helmet with lens shadow as per table.

NOTE: Momentary surveillance of an arc with no defensive lenses can cause a retinal be on fire, which, in turn, might result in an enduring dark region in the field of vision.

4). When arc welding operations are performed in a region that is not with this or isolated employees or extra persons close to the welding region (usually in 75' of the arc) shall dress in suitable spectacles.

5). Flash shields shall be accepted on portable welding carts as normal equipment and shall be used when needed.