Everything you wanted to now Related To Everlast Welders and Torch Connectors

Everything you wanted to know related to Everlast and torch connectors: The Good, the Bad, and the Important FAQ’s  

The next  is not really a question, but a foot note to the torch “compatibility” question  that people have is about the torch connectors.  We use the same basic connector for the main power cable as Miller, ESAB, and others.  It is not unique. Lincoln does choose to, on some of their product to use a gas through design on their connector, but the fitting dimensions are the same.  Connectors (or plugs) are sized with 2 basic sizes under 400 amps.  These are the DINSE 25 and DINSE 50 sizes.  Now DINSE is the original company that created them, but since the industry has adopted both of these and the smaller 3/8” diameter pin of the 25 is rated for under 200 amp use, and the ½” diameter pin of the 50 is for under 400 amps use.  There is some additional nomenclature to define these but overall it has to do with millimeter cable cross sections.  Though, by manufacturer the slightest difference in appearance may exist. Everlast has recently introduced a new connector with an improved and angled gas inlet to improve convenience of connections.  But it remains compatible.  The only parts of the unit that are different is the connection for the gas line. We use a Lincoln style quick connect which they use on some of their water cooled products.  We use the same basic quick connect for gas and water connections.  It makes change out of our units’ torches quick and easy, with no tools involved.  The standard connection for many brands in the US (but not all) is the 5/8” CGA fitting which requires wrenches to install and disconnect for both the gas and water lines, with the water line fittings to the water cooler being LH thread to avoid confusion.   We have fittings available as they are easy to install as the other fittings can be simply cut off and the new ones installed in seconds.  We also sell adapters that are made by CK worldwide that will install onto a 5/8” CGA water or air cooled fitting to adapt to the quick connect fitting of ours.  These are cheap and easily make the connection.  Any CK torch dealer can order these as well.  


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