Everything You Wanted To Know About Everlast and Basic Welding: Inverter and Transformer Welders & Plasma Cutters

One of the most widely posted topic of questions that we address to perspective  online customers is the differences between inverter and transformer welder/plasma cutters. 

There are several  points of differences that are worth mentioning.   The first difference, or question rather, is do inverters last as long as transformers?  Will they still be around in 20 years?  The short answer is a qualified “most likely”.  Inverter welders have been around for almost 30 years.  Many of these original units can still be found welding all over the country.  Most have seen their share of repairs but the technology and reliability have only been improved since the original models.  They are relatively simple to repair, though people make a fortune from “mystifying” basic electronic diagnosis at repair centers.  Most electronic assemblies found within an inverter are plug and play and it makes them relatively easy to repair and can be repaired indefinitely as long as the parts are manufactured. Components such as capacitors and the transistors themselves are frequent problem spots as age and use slowly wears them out.  But these are, or rather should be rather cheap to replace.   Transformers do have a far longer track history and seem to have a “more robust” build and design.  However,  in reality the things that would be of concern for inverters  are the same for transformers, such as rectifiers, switches, fans, relays etc.   The transformers themselves can experience decay, as well, though they are the least likely part to have an issue.   


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