Everlast At SEMA 2014

This year as in the past several years Everlast has made an appearance at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas. 

For those that don’t know, SEMA has been a large car industry show which is pretty much open only to people in the industry or people having something to offer the auto industry.  Everything from the slickest and sickest hot rods, to the newest things from Detroit, Japan, and even Italy  While it is a large magnificent show, it features a diverse crowd coming from all areas of the country and world to feature their product and to make new professional  connections.  As we participate in the show, we are constantly amazed at the reception our product has gotten over the last few years. It’s been quite amazing. For this year SEMA’s show we expanded our presence with a larger booth on the end of an aisle.  This allowed us to have a free flow of foot traffic and higher visibility. While it’s for industry people and media, a lot of people manage to find a connection to the industry whether they manufacture small automotive parts with their plasma tables or customize cars for a hobby.  It’s always a 4 day show.  This year it started on Tuesday November 4 2014 and closed on that Friday. With another successful show in the books, we hope to see everyone there again next year. If you didn't have a chance to stop by out booth this year, we hope we see you there next year as we introduce more products for all your welding needs.