Everlast Power Equipment - What’s new for 2014. Part 1

2014 is here and Everlast has hit the ground running thanks to another record year in 2013.  In this downward world economy, you’d think the welding business would see a downturn.  Truthfully it has, but the demand for affordability has increased, and that means business for us.  We’ve opened up new markets all across the world, with new markets in South Africa, Europe, and even in friendlier parts of the middle east.  As part of our global marketing strategy, we’ve sought out solid, and well balanced distributors in each region to help boost Everlast’s global presence.  While we’re not claiming domination of the welding and cutting industry in the markets where we sell, we do feel that we hold our own against the competition as our world partners do a fine job of representing our product and marketing it to their assigned regions.   Our world partner in Europe,  is finishing off a “show” trailer and truck  to carry around to multiple shows and expositions in that area of the world.  It’s going to be a spectacular trailer that will represent our brand well, all across the board, whether it’s MIG, TIG, stick welding or even plasma cutting.   Here on the home front, we are planning to hit the highlight shows in the US again, such as SEMA, possibly Fabtech, and likely a few more if staffing allows.   This year is our 10th anniversary and we want to make sure that it surpasses anything we’ve done before.  With new product and a new website, we think that there are a few surprises in store for our customers for 2014.