Driving force for plasma cutter

Heavy metals and alloys forms the building blocks of each one of the tool in the modern industry. The strength and durability of metals are the reasons behind its extensive usage of for various industrial purposes. When it comes to designing and modification of metal structure, the strength of the material would become the weakness of the same. For such operations, the plasma cutter is implemented. This method has been under existence since Second World War.

A flow of plasma is generated here with the use of plasma torch or plasma arc so as to enable plasma cutting. Inert gas gets blown through a nozzle at a very fast rate and an electric arc is formed along with this gas flow. This happens over the surface of the metal or steel which is about to be cut. The plasma will be so hot such that the hotness is sufficient enough to make a cut over the metal and blow away the molten metal.

The concept behind the functioning of plasma cutter is that, when the gas is subjected to extremely high temperatures, plasma is obtained. With high temperature, the molecules get split into atoms and the electrons in these atoms would become free to move in and around, leaving out the atoms only with positive charges thereby making them ions. The collision of these electrons with the other ions would release enormous amount of energy which is wholly responsible for the functioning of plasma cutter and it acts as the driving force to make the cut.