Difference between plasma arc cutting and plasma arc welding

When it comes to plasma arc welding people get confused, there are quite a few things that differentiate the plasma arc cutting and welding now let us see the Differences between plasma arc welding and plasma arc cutting.

PAC, Plasma arc cutting is a thermal material riddance process that is chiefly used for cutting bulky sections of electrically conducive materials.

Plasma arc welding is a superior edition of the tungsten inert gas welding process. It has a free-burning arc, which is unsteady and have a propensity to drift in the low current range. With increase in power, the arc power increases and the arc diameter also increases. The main thing that acts as a differentiating factor is its velocity.

Its velocity is its difference; velocity of the orifice gas makes the difference between the two. A shielding gas, or a cutting or an orifice gas is used in some cases. The usage of shielding gas is because they prevent oxidation of the cut surface. Plasma arc cutting makes use of higher velocity comparatively to that of the PAW. Whereas in the plasma arc welding the plasma is forced through a fine-bore copper nozzle which squeezes the arc and the plasma egresses the orifice at high velocities at a temperature approaching 20,000 °C.


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