Common welding related questions we hear. Part 16

Over time we’ve added more and more TIG machines to the Everlast lineup. We’ve modified our stick welders even to provide a lift start TIG mode over the old scratch start method to be able appeal to a broader range of applications.

Lift start TIG is a much better method for starting a TIG arc because as the tungsten makes contact with the work piece to start the arc with a quick downward motion, the current is reduced so that the tip will not heat up and stick fast to the metal.

Once the tungsten is lifted up the unit immediately sense the change and ramps the current back up as the arc establishes. This method is relatively clean and multiple restarts should be expected without having to stop and re-grind the tungsten. We offer lift start starting in two styles though as different styles and product levels afford different ways of activating the lift start. On most of our simpler PowerARC ST type welders, the arc is started simply by touching the tungsten to the metal by rolling the tungsten to the metal and quickly back up with the edge of the cup contacting the metal.

This means the tungsten stays live.  In this case, care should be taken not to accidentally strike an arc when the torch is put down. The other type start we feature uses a foot pedal or a remote torch switch to start the arc. This is a safe and highly useable design when used properly.