CK TIG Torch Products Provided By CK Worldwide

CK TIG Torch Products Provided By CK Worldwide

As we’ve previously announced along with our new website launch, we’ll be adding select CK worldwide products to our product line.   Actually we’ve had them available to anyone who asked.  Before, though nothing was visible on the old site.   You had to call in and make an inquiry to purchase.   When the site launches, CK won’t be on there, but we do expect that many of the popular CK items will be added after it goes live, with a section all on it’s on.  For those that don’t know who or what CK is it is a worldwide supplier of high quality TIG torch and TIG torch accessories.  In fact, very few companies can rival the quality, depth or innovation of the CK product line.     Here, we want to outline a couple more popular products we expect to carry in the Everlast TIG product line.  As demand increases, The we hope that this will morph into full and complete TIG package options rather than solely individual items to fit the entire range of Everlast TIG capable welding products.

One of the biggest demands of CK products we have outside of their TIG torches is their rotary amp controlled switches designed to mount directly to the TIG torch.  CK is currently producing these amptrols that are compatible with the digital PowerTIG 255ext and offers a full range of amp control ability.  For the other models though we are currently limited in our options as CK has not been able to produce a amptrol that is of the same ohm value.   But in our experimentation and testing, amp range is only limited to  approximately 90% of the full range, and many find it to be acceptable.  As CK is an aftermarket supplier, and is working with us, we expect to be able to offer improved functionality in the future with the other TIG welders to allow  full range of amps.

One of the other products in the TIG line is the CK 26 Trimline torch.  This torch remains fairly compact and offers high air cooled amp operation capability.   The unit accepts the common 26, 17 and 18 series torch consumables but offers a smaller barrel profile similar to the 17 and even the 9/20 series torches.   It’s designed to handle more amps of course.   What is unique is that the stubby kit from CK (and Everlast offers one as well) reduces the torch head profile to nearly the size of any 9 or 20 torch.   This allows the torch to be used in tighter spaces than a conventional 26 series air-cooled torch.   It also allows greater flexibility when coupled with the premium “Super-Flex” cable package and the flex head option.

These CK two products are very popular so far, even without any promotion on our site and we look forward to brisk sales in the future with them.

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