Brushes - Chipping hammer - Welding shop accessories Part5

What welding shop would be complete without a smattering of steel brushes, and chipping hammers laying around? Of course, every person with a welder needs one, or the other or both. One of the most difficult things I have found is locating a quality chipping hammer that won’t dull or break with use. Another is finding a steel brush that will last that won’t have a receding hair line after a few heavy brushings. One thing I have found is that a lot of chipping hammers made in china are just too soft for regular use, and must be sharpened frequently to keep chipping effort to a minimum.

One of the areas I will spend more money is on chipping hammers. A good US made chipping hammer is hard to beat. It is a lot more tough, and durable. There are a few out there that even are using nylon handles which won’t end up “springing” around with you. Even the imported ones of those seem to be quite adequate. I have found that spending just a little more money on a chipping hammer definitely pays off. In contrast, it seems that no matter the amount of money or place of origin, steel brushes won’t last. I have finally found a brush that has the endurance to go the distance. These brushes are made under a couple of name brand distributors, but are quite easy to recognize by their tough nylon handle, usually made in a bright orange color. I have found that both regular and stainless steel brushes with the nylon handle will outlast other brushes 4 to 1. A bonus is that they are compact, and ergonomic.