A brief summary on portable plasma cutter

One of the most easy to use tools today in the welding industry is the portable plasma cutter. It is been used extensively recent days to cut steel along with several other electric current conductive metals because of their portability facilitated by inverter technology. Several companies are getting benefited by plasma cutting process for it lowers the costs and increases the productivity rapidly. With the advent in technology, portable plasma cutters are better serving the industry. When it comes to handheld plasma cutter all that must be kept in mind is the thickness of the metal you will be cutting usually and the thickest metal you will ever cut, and how fast you want to cut.

These portable plasma cutters function by using a real high voltage electrical arc along with a compresses gas, which is usually air. The electrical arc is generated by an internal electrode which ionizes the gas passed through a nozzle; thereby creating a concentrated arc of plasma right at the portable plasma cutter’s tip. When the electric arc is contacted with the metal works it results in a circuit with severe high heat which then melts the section of less than 1.6 millimeter broad.