The basic but valuable welding skills learned in stick welding. Part 5

If you’ve always used a MIG welder, and never attempted to stick weld, it is likely something that is somewhat of a intimidating process.   It may even seem archaic and out of date.  But it is hardly the case.  As far as you skill teaching, even for MIG welding the stick process will always be a great tool to teach the basics of welding.   One of the best skills that stick welding teaches is probably the skill of patience.

While patience cannot be accurately judged or measured as an objective as a skill,  it is a skill that is constantly tested and developed during the stick welding process.  However, the difficulty of stick welding, including a slower speed, and more attention to detail and manipulation prepares welder for the patience needed for TIG welding.  It also teaches patience to the would be MIG welder, which in turn creates a more thoughtful and deliberate MIG welder who will think about and see the actual process as it is performed. It also serves as an excellent teaching tool for learning to manage out of position welding.  After stick welding out of position, the learning the other processes in overhead and vertical are quite easy.

But overall, all this results in a better prepared surface,  better penetration, better tie-in and an overall higher quality weld in MIG and TIG.  But if you are still unsure about stick welding as an excellent teaching tool and stepping stone to learning the other processes, ask any person who has stick welded and then transferred his skills into other areas of welding.