Advanced TIG welding techniques

The basic concept of TIG welding lies in GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) which uses a non consumable tungsten electrode to produce the arc necessary to weld. A shielding gas usually inert gas such as argon is used to protect the area from contamination. Though some welding processes do not require the introduction of a filler material, it is added to the molten material created by the arc. This process is widely known as fuse welding technique and has been widely used in edge, corner and butt joints thereby creating a smooth, easily finished weld.

The welding experts would undoubtedly say that of all the different types of welding processes, the TIG welding is considered the most difficult to master. During TIG welding, both hands are used in coordinating the weld puddle while introducing the filler material to the weld surface. Even though the welding requires some skills, it can be mastered with practice and a little patience.

TIG welders usually develop a technique of alternating between moving the torch forward to advance the weld pool and at the same time adding filler material. Each time the weld pool advances, the filler rod is withdrawn. But it is never removed from the gas shield to prevent oxidation of its surface and contamination of weld.


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