AC, DCEN and DCEP. When to use them. When not to use them. Part 2

If you are using DCEN, make sure you are using the correct process that matches to the polarity.  As covered before in the previous blog, DCEN (Straight Polarity) is used for TIG and Plasma cutting.

These are always going to be that way 100% of the time.  Flux-core operation with a wire feeding unit is going to be electrode negative most of the time.  In fact, it would be the default setting for using flux core wire if no directions are available.  But there are a few times that manufacturers have designated a flux core wire to be welded with DCEP.  But these are fairly small in number and will usually have a designation on the packaging or on the side of the wire spool, to alert you to the non standard polarity.  Some dual shield is as well, again depending upon the manufacturer.

E6011 is a multi-purpose electrode for stick welding that can be welded with DCEP, DCEN, and even AC.   It is not common to stick weld in DCEN, but it can be done  with the aggressive E6011 to prevent over penetration in the base metals.

The formulation of the welding rod flux has a lot to do with polarity, and occasionally in the manufacturer packaging and technical information concerning the electrode, you may see a designation of DCEN on a rod that is traditionally  DCEP only, although DCEP will still be the preferred polarity.