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PowerPlasma 102i CNC pkg (~1 Phase 240V)

5 year
Blowback Start
High Output
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SKU: PP-102i-CNC
$2,259.00 You Save - $270.00
Dimensions: 25 in × 9.5 in × 15 in
Weight: 58 lb
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PowerPlasma 102i CNC pkg (~1 Phase 240V)
PowerPlasma 102i CNC pkg (~1 Phase 240V)
PowerPlasma 102i CNC pkg (~1 Phase 240V)
PowerPlasma 102i CNC pkg (~1 Phase 240V)

If you are looking for a high capacity plasma cutter for a professional plasma table machine that keeps you on budget, the Everlast PowerPlasma 102i with the CNC package is definitely a strong competitor.  The portability, power, and performance, combine with the price to make the PowerPlasma 102i one of the best choices available in it's class when you consider cut capability to purchase cost ratios.  You get the best cut per amp per dollar paid for the PowerPlasma 102i CNC over any other 100 amp cutter in it's class. For routine daily use, the unit is recommended for cutting 3/4" thick plate metal.  And for maximum cut capability on CNC, this unit is capable of producing quality cuts of 1 1/8" or greater (at reduced speeds).   With a built in CNC socket and CNC torch this package is ready to be connected to your plasma table.  All you have to do is connect the plasma table control wires to the socket connector.  The unit's compact size lends itself to being stored or placed near the work area.  The new Italian designed iPT 100M machine/CNC torch is rugged and features improved consumable life with the patented "back striking" design.  This blowback design torch offers a variety of consumable choices, shielded and unshielded.  The performance and cut capability at the price level the PowerPlasma 102i CNC package is simply unmatched in the industry.

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