Taking care of your new Everlast Welder or Plasma cutter

Let’s face it. A new welder or plasma cutter isn’t cheap. It’s an investment. Taking care of your new purchase is important. If you’ve just received your new Power TIG welder or any other Everlast Power product, be sure to take care of it as you would with any other piece of electronic equipment. If you are using it regularly, you’ll want to open the unit up and clean it out on a monthly basis. If it is going to be used as a hobby machine, you’ll likely need to clean it out twice a year. Opening the unit up is not considered to be a violation of warranty. In fact we expect you to do it. Just follow the directions prescribed in your manual, especially the part where you need to unplug your welder for 10-20 minutes before opening the unit up for inspection and service. While your new Everlast product is not being used, be sure to keep it covered to keep it looking new and prevent shop dirt out. Keep all holes and connections covered, if with nothing else but a bit of tape over the exposed fittings. Wipe any dirt off the pvc panel face with a damp rag and mild detergent. (First unplug it!) Don’t saturate your welder panel with moisture, but gently rub the panel to remove dirt and grit. While you are at it, wipe down the welder with the rag to remove standing dirt and dust. This will keep your new Everlast welder in like new condition. Again, don’t overdo the use of soap and water. Don’t let water drip down into the vents on the welder or plasma cutter. If your unit has a flip down front cover, clean it with a soft lint free cloth, and make sure it is kept flipped down to protect the control panel from damage.


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