Precaution MIG Welders:

MIG welding stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding. It is the most common form of industrial welding. It is also known as MAG welding which stands for Metal Active Gas Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW welding). When it comes to welding or joining of two or more pieces of metals, MIG welding is preferred and used. However it can be quite hazardous. Yes, it is one among the easiest welding processes to learn. However it requires serious expertise, proper training, and hard work to overcome the diverse range of industrial hurdles whose hazardous factor varies in degrees.

Most hazards are caused due to fire. Thus it is the serious cause of danger associated with MIG Welding. The light and sparks can cause damage to the eyes. In some scenarios, the damage is even permanent as the worker is even capable of losing his eye sight. So, we should always be aware and precautious when it comes to welding. We should wear protective clothes that don’t expose our bodily parts to these sparks created during the welding process. See to that you wear welding helmet before you start the process. This is mainly for protecting your eye sight from lights and sparks caused by the welding tool. Wear proper veils to protect yourself from breathing the harmful gas generated while performing the welding. The workshop should have proper ventilation and see to that, that there is always a fire extinguisher and a bucket of sand nearby while performing the task. These precautionary accessories are quite cheap as well.