Plasma Cutter PowerPlasma 60C - What’s new for 2014 part 9

Plasma Cutter PowerPlasma 60C Updated version

With all the new redesigns of the welding units we had coming out last year, the PowerPlasma 60C barely got a mention since it was a late season introduction.  I never got it’s proper announcement.  The all new plasma cutter PowerPlasma 60C has undergone a face lift with a radical new, practical look.  Previously, the PowerPlasma 60C was introduced as a CNC unit with HV inductance starting.  Nothing has changed with this.  It’s proven reliable, quick to start, and a fast piercing plasma cutter.  This new unit is designed specifically for CNC use and features our standard CNC port installed on the rear of the unit.  It comes with a CNC torch and does not include a hand torch because of the special performance specifications it has designed for CNC only.  The new look includes both a volt and amp meter.  Both meters are helpful in running a CNC system and the voltage monitoring is especially important in CNC applications.   The unit is capable of running on single phase where an earlier version was three phase only.   The PowerPlasma 60C provides an economical solution to higher priced plasma cutters and does not sacrifice performance with decent cutting speeds in ½” plate with edge starting.  The other thing that has been improved is that the plasma cutting unit now includes separate warning indicators for temperature and over current, making fault diagnosis and correction an easier task.   The unit in the past has been tested and used by  Torchmate and received its stamp of approval as a model that was compatible with its systems.   Now with several years behind it in real world conditions, the 60C is a proven performer at the most reasonable cost in the industry.

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