MIG Welding Gun Tips:

Metal inert gas welding or MIG welding is a form of welding that make uses of a wire feed "gun" to combine two parts of steel together. The gun gives the extra ingredients of warmth, electricity and a third piece of metal. The gun is favored by many amateur craftsman since of its simplicity to learn, fast speed, physically powerful welds and low-level of bend. Mainly for those simply learning how to weld, MIG welding gun tips will help you in welding correctly. Stickout: Stickout refers to the quantity of MIG wire that sticks out from the end of the MIG gun. The stickout must be between 1/4 and 3/8 inch. A shorter stickout will guide to curve in welding bead; a longer stickout will guide to a squarer weld. Only a stickout of the correct distance end to end will give the properly sized and curved weld. Wire Size: You must pick the right wire size for the work. Wire size is a purpose of the thickness of the metals you plan to weld. When there are two different sizes of metal, you ought to use the wire dimension for the thicker piece of metal. MIG wires come in four ordinary sizes, and oftentimes more than one thickness of wire will work on more than one type of metal. The gun's contact tube and drive rolls lining be supposed to also match the wire size used. Wire Care: Keep away from kinks in the wire by loading the wire into the machine as it is still on the spool. Don’t try to unspool the wire as this will approximately surely leave kinks in the line. These kinks will then end up your MIG gun's tip. You must also stay your wire in a cool, dry and dirt free place to keep away from the wire from rusting or dirtying from any number of contaminants in the air.