Making Of Portable Welding Screens

Welding Work

It is common knowledge that welding work is prone to cause physical injuries and eyesight problems due to sparks and excessive heat and a welder has to necessarily invest in safety gadgets to keep not only himself but also others around him safe. Whatever may be your risk-taking capabilities, if you are welding near other people and amidst any valuables, it will be sheer callousness if you do not have a not to have a portable welding screen in place.

Types of Welding Work

All types of welding work including

  • Arc Welding
  • Torch Welding
  • Cutting and Brazing
  • Soldering

or - produce quantities of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is extremely harmful as it can burn the skin, and more than that, damage the lens of the eye. Flash burns are terribly painful and can cause incalculable damage.

Welders, workers, and visitors, near the welding area must be protected from the hazards of ultraviolet rays. One effective way to achieve this is by placing flameproof screens around the welding operation. Welding screens are used to protect others in the vicinity of the welding operation, when the body of the welder or the shape of the steel cannot shield the arc.

Portable Welding Screens

One welding accessory that is of paramount importance is the portable welding screen. Portable Weld Screens offer excellent protection against harmful levels of UV light, as well as sparks and flying debris. They are the foolproof solution to help manage your entire welding activity.


Most welders have metal frames for their portable welding screen. Making a portable welding screen is quite simple. First of all, determine the size of the actual welding screen. Then measure and cut the metal to make a rectangle that is marginally larger than the metal welding frame. Then cut 2 pieces for the outrigger legs that support the stand for the welding screen. Place the rectangle in proper position and weld. There are some portable welding screens that have four large ball bearings welded to facilitate easy sliding on the shop floor.


Some opt for very small casters attached to allow for easy movement. But without these add-ons, portable welding screen will be very light and easy to carry around. After completing the welding work, get some zip ties and fasten the welding screen to the frame. It may take, at best, one hour to make a portable welding screen from start to finish. But it is worth the time and money you spend. While designing the portable welding screen it is better to have a see-through welding screen to avoid walking out in front of a forklift or overhead crane carrying a load.


With welding screens and curtains readily available in all types, sizes and colors there is little justification not to make a Welding screen and use it while doing welding work. Portable Safety Screens can be made light, durable and easy to handle and are a indispensble safety gadget for nearly any welding environment. The Screen can be used alone or joined together with clips to form multi-panel enclosures or straight line barriers.