Welding Tools, Selecting A Grinder For Your Welding Hobby or Occupation

Selecting the right metal grinder for you welding project

A lot of customers often forget in the excitement to make a new welder purchase that a welder is only part of what you need to get started welding. One of the most expensive tools that you will need whether you are MIG welding, TIG welding, or Stick welding (or even plasma cutting) is some form of a portable grinder. Bench grinders are great for dressing small parts or even putting a point on Tungsten (if you are a TIG welder), but they can do little towards preparing joints or post weld clean-up. A portable angle grinder is a simple necessity, even if you are barely starting out in welding. A portable grinder not only can grind away rust, it can be used to deal with spatter, rust, mill scale, paint, and other forms of contamination that must be removed before welding. It is absolutely required to prepare and bevel plate metal joints or any type of thick wall tubing. Different abrasive disks can be attached to perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from polishing to cutting. Different grits are available as well making for a finer finish or a more rough finish if needed. Grinder selection is important and should not be an afterthought, particularly if you are buying on a tight budget. Planning and research should take place before making an investment. There are plenty of grinders that are sturdy and will do the job that are economically priced, and plenty of more expensive units that do not fare well long term. Price isn’t always a determining factor from my experience.

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