Water Coolers in welding

Welding is fabrication or sculptural process used for joining materials. Usually metals or thermoplastics are welded by causing coalescence. The process is simple to understand or learn. Usually the work pieces are melted and a filler material is applied upon them to form a pool of molten material. This cools down to form a stronger joint between the molten work pieces. It makes use of pressure sometimes being superimposed with heat to produce the weld. It needs an energy supply source to carry out the task of joining materials.

This energy source could be of gas flame, electric arc, laser, electronic beam, friction or ultrasound in order to carry out the welding task. The above mentioned sources create so much energy, that the process of welding becomes dynamic technologically. It is by no means a simple procedure. Tremendous amount of heat is involved in the process. If this heat is not subsidized, it tends to accumulate and damage the equipment. Sometimes it can be hazardous for welders as well. This is where the function of water coolers plays a significant role. In order to sustain the equipments water coolers absorbs all the heat generated by the system. The cooler uses four main parts. They are compressor, evaporator, condenser and metering system. It sucks the heat using a refrigerant, a chemical which is heat absorbent. This chemical carries the heat to the condenser where it is evaporated or water cooled by a heat exchanger. Once the process is complete, the refrigerant is compressed and sent back to absorb more heat forming a cyclic procedure. Thus welding system is maintained properly and it lasts for quite sometime.


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