Types of TIG Welders

Though welding is a process that looks complicated, it only needs patience and basic understanding of few welding rules to master the technique. There are many types of welding process that are carried over but TIG Welding has its own set of uses and advantage that cannot be compensated by any other methods of welding.

TIG welding is a process that offers a lot of control over the welding process. Technically we can say that this is a process that uses a non consumable electrode which is known to be the tungsten electrode. One of the main area where this technique is widely used is in welding process to weld stainless steels as well as few other non ferrous metals like that of aluminium, magnesium in addition to copper.

When it comes to the different types of TIG Welders we can basically divide them into five different types. They are power I-TIG 200, power TIG 200 DX, power TIG 225 LX, power TIG 250 EX and the power TIG 315 DX.