Rules of Welding

Welding is a very easy thing to learn about. However extreme care ought to be taken while performing for providing better results as well as working in safe manner. Welding in general can be quite hazardous without proper protection. There are some basic rules you need to follow when you venture into the welding field. These rules should never be ignored. There are three basic rules which ought to be followed no matter what and it certainly validates the statement “ignorance is bliss”. These three rules are also known as the three Golden Rules of Welding.

They are:

•    Joint preparation is critical
•    Welding machine set up for the task is the key to a smooth weld
•    Comfort is more significant than technique

Most people focus on the technique and they rely heavily upon it for successful outcomes. Joint set up is the initially critical part for producing sound quality welds. What you feed is what you get out and improper setups screws even the best of the lots. Proper machine set up makes up for the lack of skill levels in the technique. Finally and not the least, comfort is something everyone ought to pursue in welding no matter what techniques you choose to carry out the task. It helps you concentrate better and provide better results.


The weldings are a thing of the past now. I hope that legit will be better than it says it has been in the past and everything can be okay again because this is not.