Product Buying Guide Overview Part 1

You know, in most of the blogs that we have put up, we’ve done very little in the way of promoting our product…though it is at the very center of what we do.  And, of course, all our articles and posts are related to issues our customers face with welding every day.  One of the things that is a challenge for us and our customers is matching the customer to the correct unit that will work for them.  It’s easy to talk about bells and whistles, and try to sell the nicest product we offer, particularly because it is so well priced, but it’s much more difficult to make sure the customer is compatible with the product we are selling.

Whether it’s a welder or a plasma cutter, our Everlast product range is quite wide, and has seen rapid expansion over the last 3 or 4 years.  Many of these products have made a name for themselves in the market place, as a viable alternative to over-priced name brand products.  Well, for the next few months, we are going to discuss our products, not so much from a typical “sales pitch” tone but rather from an in depth look at basic features, and what they do, and how they help the customer.  In other words, we want to help match you up with the welder or plasma cutter that best fits you and your demands.